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History of Casino Queen - Roulette

...31 October 2012

Roulette stands for a small wheel as per the French language and all historians also depend upon the wheel theory. Roulette, played both in the physical as well as at the online casinos is also known as the Queen of Games. There are 36 red & black slots associated with the wheel for the ball to land. The croupier makes the ball revolve around the rims of the multicolored rotating wheel, being guessed by the gamblers as to where the ball will finally come to halt.
The exact period and place of Roulettes origin are still a matter of speculation. Some people believe that it first came into existence in China through the roaming monks who amused and guided the locals. Europe also experienced its feel, brought into the region by the Dominican monks.  Few people assume that the spinning of the chariot wheel by the olden Romans led to its evolution in Rome. The traveling carnivals in the 1500s are also believed to have paved the way for present-day Roulette.

England witnessed Roly Poly, the game comprising a spinning wheel and a ball that banished in the state through its 1739-40 gaming laws. Efforts of Beau Nash to skip the rules through launch of the Even-Odd - the improved version in Bath could last long only till 1745. Prince Charles of Monaco strived for re-introduction of roulette in France in the eighteenth century. The year 1796 is a witness to the fact that Paris was the first to facilitate the maiden contemporary roulette wheels with slots 1 through 36 on black and red settings.

Francois Blanc and Louis exploited the strict gambling rules of the French authorities and took Roulette to Hamburg, Germany. In the year 1842 both the Blancs invented zero slots on a green milieu. It is worth noting that the total of the digits, i.e. 0-36 suggested by Francois and Luis Blanc on the Roulette Wheel comes to 666, known as the devils number.

With an eye on the increased odds for the house, the double zero strategy was introduced by the operators in place of the single zero. The gains narrowed down to 2.63% from 5.26% with the removal of the 00 from the roulette wheel by the Blancs. This most liked description known as the European Roulette became the preferred choice of the Roulette-lovers who made bigger gains. On the other hand the American Roulette, i.e. the double zero strategy implying 38-numbered roulette wheel with two additional green colored slots, i.e. 0 and 00 facilitated higher profits to the house. As regards the croupiers, the Americans use their hands to pile up the chips after the roll whereas rake or the long stick is used by the croupiers in the European casinos.

The southern part of France saw the game through the Blanc family with the efforts of the Prince. The U.S. people also got delighted with the game in the 1800s when it penetrated New Orleans, Louisiana. The states of France and America were the regions where Roulette became mostly popular around the 20th century.

While all this remains to be a matter of assumption and great thought, one thing is certain and authenticated by a large number of Roulette-lovers and big guns of the gaming industry that Blaise Pascal, the world renowned great thinker & mathematician is the father of this glamorous game. It was in the seventeenth century, the year 1655 when Pascal set a mission to introduce some sort of uninterrupted movement device. This very hunt of Pascal facilitates all of us to enjoy the Roulette at any physical casino or get delighted with its feel just with the click of a mouse.

Paris was the place where the rationalized roulette veers started emerging at the properties in the beginning. With both the single zero and double zero features at the roulette wheels with blinking colors quite common around 1796, this description is still popular in the American casinos in the present times too.    

Both types of properties, i.e. the land-based casinos and the internet ones have their own features but presently the latter have become the center of attraction as far as playability and other aspects of Roulette are concerned.

Winning chances - Players get more winning chances while playing roulette via the online casinos as compared to the physical properties.

Type of bets - You get better wins through the European Roulette variation than through the American Roulette type.

Betting – Variants of numbers, i.e. single or range, combination of even or odd numbers, betting on colors, i.e. red or green with payout as high as 35 to 1 are the unique features of online casinos that are usually not available at the physical properties.

Range of games – Only the usual single roulette games are available at the land-based casinos; whereas variants of roulette are facilitated at the internet casinos. Roulette Royale, Multi-Player Roulette, Multi-Wheel Roulette, Premier Roulette, French Roulette Gold, French Roulette, European Roulette Gold, European Roulette and American Roulette etc are the different versions of the game that are facilitated at the prominent online casino, i.e. All Slots Casino. You can check other sites also.  

Quick & faultless payouts – Latest computerized systems at the online facilities free you from hassles of any mistakes on the part of croupiers at the land-based casinos who could do so due to heavy rush of bets by the gamblers. Winning amounts are transferred directly into their accounts through the fast and secure banking options at the internet casinos.

Comforts, security and savings - Just click the mouse and have access to the online roulette without any need to follow dress codes. No worry about security and no need to pay extra for drinks, coffee or tips that are common at the physical properties.

Live show & graphics – The gamblers who want to enjoy live show and clapping of the crowds at the wins would definitely love to enjoy roulette only at the land-based casinos. On the other hand, online casinos surpass the former in terms of state-of-the-art software, improved programming & technology and Random Number Generator. While playing roulette online, you would have the feel of playing in a physical property while enjoying the glamorous constant graphics.

Cheating activities - Just say good bye to cheating activities while getting delighted with online roulette whereas land-based casinos are prone to the clever cheats.

Real Money & Free Play – You have to bet on real-money roulette-games at the land-based casinos whereas play-for-free facility without any risk to your pockets is available at the internet roulette sites. You could try the real-money mode too through the safe and secure banking options at the internet casinos.

Inside & Outside Bets – Playing roulette online through the outside bets facilitates better winning odds but lower payouts whereas the inside bets are quite contrary with meager winning chances but larger payouts. Both these types of bets are liked by the players at the physical and internet casinos as well.

Frequency of wins – Winning frequencies at the landline casinos are less in number than those at the internet casinos. The prominent online properties often publish the relevant figures.

Additional bonuses – Free money, i.e. a considerable proportionate amount of the players deposit is available for them at the internet casinos but not at the physical ones.

Access by the American players - The European version with better winning chances can now be accessed online even by the U.S. players.  

Play Online Roulette – Just visit the site to gain deep knowledge about the gambling tips, plans, history and latest news regarding the classic game, i.e. Roulette.  

Focus on fun and wise use of the hard earned money is a must for all. The wheel of fortune will continue rotating and outdo its counterparts for full entertainment of all concerned.

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