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History of Bingo

...05 November 2012

Available at both, i.e. land-based casinos and the internet ones, Bingo has been there since the fifteenth century when it attained strong motivation through a lotto game of Italy. A strong lust for this card game prevailed amongst the Italian casino fans who could enjoy it through the Italian National Lottery that introduced Lo Giuoco del Lotto d Italia, the maiden making in 1530. The year 1778 stood witness to an advanced description of the game, i.e. Le Lotto by the French. The new creation with 3 lines x 9 sections (with digits 1-90 & 5 squares with digits + 4 unnumbered squares through random distribution) involved each player with a card and the dealer announcing the digits in the bingo room. Anyone could win upon completion of a row for which he / she had to utilize the chips for numbering the cards.

A more improved version, i.e. Beano, quite similar to the existing Bingo was developed in Germany. The name Beano is based on the beans, meant as signs on the cards. Accomplishment of either the diagonal, vertical or horizontal line of digits on the card was the prerequisite to attain the win. All present in the bingo room, i.e. the gamblers and the dealer would come to know about the winner through his/her declaration as Bingo. The game Beano spread in Atlanta through Edwin S Lowe, a salesman from New York who carried it to America upon his return to the state. It became popular as the present Bingo with one of the winners mistakenly shouting Bingo instead of Beano that required dried beans, a cardboard sheet and a rubber stamp. Since then, it became too popular and used to be played through frequent contests at the social clubs, civic centers and Churches. Even today, millions of US citizens enjoy it across the physical properties.  

The year 1929 was the period when the gaming industry faced serious challenges but Bingo continued to rise and facilitated entertainment and enrichment for its fans. The year 1940 saw the greatest hike in the number of bingo fans across different corners of the globe. Amazingly, spelling bingo, math bingo and history sessions were held in the class rooms across the globe around the end of the nineteenth century.

Bingo, the simplest card room game has proved its worth towards social and religious developments too. A Pennsylvanian priest utilized it as an effective tool for raising funds for his community in the twentieth century. The outcome of Bingo with too many winners, the game was made stricter by Carl Leffler, the Mathematics Professor who invented some difficult recipes that are still in existence. The Australians too tasted the game in the early twentieth century where it became popular as Housie that was arranged in big gazebos before reaching the bingo halls.

No doubt, luck plays a major role in winning the game, but the chances could be enhanced greatly by following the rules & the set strategy for Bingo that costs as little as a $1 to play and also requires the least time in addition to socialization. One round of a usual British bingo game takes just 4 – 4 ½ minutes. Bingo is popular amongst approx 8% of the total populace, ten percent of them being females and five percent the males with 2.5 million females visiting the bingo halls in a regular manner. Almost all the bingo players strike some wins, with almost 96% of them till now. U.K. has given the bingo licenses to 688 bingo clubs and the highest win of £950,000 was bestowed by one of them through a bingo game on 22nd December, 2002.

The game has seen unimaginable developments with the introduction of online bingo that has facilitated great relief to the Bingo fans in many aspects. Still, love for the traditional casinos has also not diminished. Just click the mouse and have access to your preferred bingo game at the online bingo site of your choice. For an assured win at the online bingo tournaments, you are required to bag the highest points through a sequence of games. Some tournaments are meant exclusively for the members who are required to pay considerable money. Awards in the form of cash prizes and other shapes are there for the participants. There are some free tournaments too in addition to the yearly bingo caller of the year contest. Complete fairness is another particular feature of online bingo sites. Free chances enable you to practice before trying the real-money game.

Deposit bonuses and other promotional perks are far greater at the online bingo casinos that at the live bingo rooms. You could avail of exactly one hundred percent or even higher deposit incentives in addition to the accumulated points and enormous jackpots as compared to the land-based properties. Interact with lot of people through live chat and forums that are not available with the physical casinos.

At the online bingo sites, you can enjoy plenty of bingo games, e.g. 75 ball bingo and 90 ball bingo etc. Seventy five refers to the numbers 1-75 and 90 ball bingo means the digits 1 to 90 that would appear on the cards. The progressive bingo with the chance of big jackpot enables you to bag it through the continuous hike in the winning amount with each round. The software itself manages automatic control of many options and you need not concentrate much upon any particular aspect. Even the fun games are associated with the matching prizes at the online bingo sites that are powered by certain software providers, responsible for smooth play and other major features. Party Gaming, Playtech, Parlay Entertainment and Virtue Fusion are the prominent ones in addition to the other software in the industry. All the software providers ensure complete security through the valid encryption systems at the online casinos. All that being said in favor of the online bingo sites; the players are advised to have a through research about the particular one where they want to enjoy bingo as all are not equal in terms of fairness and commitment.

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