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Game that would keep you busy - video poker

...07 January 2013


Earlier mobile phones were only meant to be used for communication purposes but today we see that there are various functions of respective mobile phones depending on their range of prices and models.

Games are one of the major applications which is a must to be installed on the mobile phones to attract the buyers. When we talk about the mobile phones, one of the leading mobile phones producers is Apple Iphones.


There had been different companies who introduced mobile phones in the market which were widely accepted and appreciated by the masses and then came a revolution on 29th June 2007 when the first model of Iphone was introduced in the market and it was widely brought by the masses in the different parts of the world. It had a lot of functions which were useful and convenient for humans and the most important factor was its unique applications and valuable usage of those applications. One of the applications is its games and gaming is a great fun on Iphones. Video poker is one of the amazing games which people like a lot.

Video poker is extremely easy to play although if you’re playing the game for the first time, it is suggested you to stick with the single hand video poker games rather than multi-hand as for the beginners single hand would be absolutely fine and as with time you understand the single hand poker to its core you can eventually move to multi hands.

Well as discussed earlier the game is extremely easy and for you all to understand the rules and regulations in a better manner we would be focusing now on its basic rules:


Once you have your money and decided your bet, hit the deal button. The game will deal you five cards which would be random. From there you will be able to select which cards you want to “hold” and which you want to play again.

Advantages on playing the video poker on I phones

When you are playing the video poker on the Iphones you don’t need to pay actual money but it’s so exciting that you feel like the real money is in the air. If you win you feel like you are becoming rich and when you lose you feel sad and depressed and that is one of the major plus point of the game that attracts its players. This game is widely played in the USA casinos and with the rules explained above you can actually feel the real fun.

Hand rankings

Besides the rules we also need to focus on the hand rankings which are as follows:

  1. Royal Flush
  2. Straight Flush
  3. Four of a Kind
  4. Full House
  5. A Pair
  6. Two Pair
  7. Three Of A Kind
  8. Straight

The above were the hand rankings which play one of the most important roles while playing the game.


The video poker can be downloaded easily on the Iphones and for the convenience of the users they can always go to help or FAQ to play the game in an enhanced manner.

Fun in the casinos

If you decide to go online to play video poker online and you do not want to risk or earn the money, you are there only for the fun of it so choose a non deposit and no credit card details bingo sites where you don't have to fear of losing a single penny as well as you can also visit any of the online casinos to play for real and participate in latest casino bonuses to earn more.

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