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CRAPS - The Journey So Far

...31 October 2012

Egypt is the place where Craps is supposed to have emerged for the first time in the 1573 B.C. The maiden game of chance associated & played with dice, i.e. Theban Dice was enjoyed by the Egyptians in the brick and mortar casinos. Bets are placed by the players against the property and they win or lose according to the sum total on the resulting dice that were usually found in the shapes of wood like oak, ebony or animal bones in the past.

There is a legend about craps that pertains to the Crusade Period when Hazarth, a citadel was taken over by Sir William of Tyre and his knights. A game with a little different name was originated by them to kill their time. Hazard, a little complicated version of the game entered the arena around the 1700s. It became popular as crabs among the French people. Hazard was loved by the English between the late 1600s to the early 1700s. Acadiaians, the residents of a settlement of the French were also engaged in enjoying craps during this period.

Consequent upon loss of the colony to the English, the craps enthusiasts tried the game in Louisiana; with its entry on the American earth. Few believe that craps penetrated into the US through the first English settlers on the Mayflower. The banks of the Mississippi River and New Orleans were the places where Craps flourished in the 1800s. Famous gambler, Bernard Xavier Phillip de Marigny de Mandeville or Bernard in short, from Louisiana facilitated this game in 1813, and crabs came to be known as craps. Popularly known as a playing dice and crapaud too, the game was loved by a large section of the society in the New Orleans and made its way to the streets. The African American people too came in its fold. The do not pass feature introduced in 1907 by John H. Winn, believed to be the father of craps facilitated the gamblers to place the wager against or with the shooter, prohibiting the house to use the loaded dice. His superior design and layout of the board are still popular amongst all concerned. The game gained more popularity in line with Las Vegas that progressed day and night. Another myth relates to the use of pig’s knuckle-bones as a dice that was rolled by the inventor – the Roman army onto the shields, treated as tables. Being made of bones, the dice was known as bone too amongst the soldiers of Rome.

Another story about craps is the Azzahrs, i.e. throwing of the bones or dice by the Arabs that became popular in Europe too in the middle ages. The French people named it as Hazar or hasard. The English people brought it to the state and named it as Hazard (meaning risk) during the endless period of wars between England and France. The citizens across the Canadian frontiers also tasted the game, facilitated to them through the French migrants somewhere in the 18th century. All the casino properties and saloons in the West offered treat, craps or dice in the games with the entry of the Americans in the area. After the end of American civil war, an invention with the improved version of the game provided third parties bet in opposition or in favor of the thrower of the dice.

With legalization of gambling in the 1930s in Nevada, craps also started expanding with high speed in Las Vegas. It became a popular source of entertainment amongst the Second World War soldiers who traveled across the globe.

This game is equal to all; regardless of the amount of bets as the outcome is always a result of luck, skill and expertise. There are no hard rules for the game, except for the dice to be thrown in a particular way at certain casinos that aim to avoid sliding of the dice. Craps tables have earned a reputed status in the world wide casinos. A fresh guy could start with a small bet and increase it with regular expertise.

You could enjoy the game through the Street Craps by betting against your counterparts or the Bank Craps could also be tried that depend upon the single or double spin of the dice. Casino craps are common at the land-based casinos whereas online craps, originated in 1990s are most commonly played nowadays. 

The fresher guy could have any of the Line Bets, i.e. Do not Pass Bar, Pass Line, Do not Come Bar, Come Bar, Field Bet and Place Bet etc. Place and Buy and Lays, Big Sixes and Eights, Hard Way and Easy Way are the Multi Roll Bets. Then there is the Player Bet or known as Fire Bet in technical terms. All these bets involve roll of the dice. Though luck plays major role to benefit you, yet your skills, concentration and skills could also enrich you greatly at the craps tables. Try to follow the optimal betting, reduce your losses by placing bets with the minimum advantage to the house and make the Lady Luck come in your favor.

Craps has become more popular with the evolution of internet in the gaming industry in the 1990s. Millions of the present-day crap fans love to enjoy the game from the comforts of their own sweet houses rather than visit any brick and mortar property. Just register with any online casino, try the free games and then move on to the real-money craps. All that you need is download the free casino software or gain access to the online craps through the instant play version.  

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