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BlackJack History

...31 October 2012

A glance at the following paragraphs may benefit all readers greatly, particularly the gamblers. Of course, the blackjack fans, whether the seasoned players or the fresh guys may be interested more in the contents.  Blackjack, the popular card game like the Poker is a source of fun & excitement for many and also boosts the economy of the states.

Though nothing is certain about the origin and exact period when Blackjack came into being, yet we could rely upon few theories. Associated with the major intention of obtaining the worth contiguous to 21, this game came to be known as Lucky 21 too. To be a winner, you have to reach 21 but not exceed the same otherwise you are a loser.  

Some historians believe that Blackjack has been there in the 1500s too in the form of card game labels. Another theory during the fourteenth emperor of France, i.e. King Louie is also worth belief. Popular as Vingt en Un twenty-one in the 1700s, Blackjack can be referred to that period and place, i.e. France too. This resemblance of Ving en Un and Black Jack also cannot be just ignored. In Vingt en Un, each round of the game was followed by the players bets who did not have the right to double but the dealer was authorized to do so. The achiever of the winning hand, i.e. twenty-one was awarded with the extraordinary value and he/she was known as blackjack; a substitute of vingt-et-un. The present-day name of the game, i.e. Blackjack came to be known through its finest recipe of cards, i.e. Ace and Jack of Spades. The black spades and the vital card, i.e. Jack jointly form the existing name.

Some researchers rely on the Spanish theory of the game that says that the existing Blackjack is the improved version of One and Thirty, the ancient game popular in Spain. However, two card games, i.e. Seven & One-Half and Baccarat are also said to be the ancestors of Blackjack that we enjoy today.  

The game was imported to America through the French settlers around the 19th century after the French revolt. In the beginning there was full liberty for the players who enjoyed the game by chalking out their own particulars schemes and methods to bag big jackpots. However later on the game faced many challenges e.g. card-counting, other legal issues and ultimately total ban in the state. That did not deter Blackjack. It continued to be enjoyed at the illegal playing huts till the start of 20th century. Las Vegas started getting developed in the year 1931 with the Nevada authorities legal consent for Blackjack, Twenty-one or Pontoon, the most liked table game in the industry. Since then thousands of gaming parlors duly licensed by the authorities have appeared and generate huge revenues for the state and the people.

No specific skills are required to become a seasoned blackjack player. Any person with the ability of exact counting can turn into a blackjack expert. Just try to create a hand on twenty one to beat the dealer. But the total should not exceed otherwise you are liable to lose the card video game, i.e. Blackjack that no longer remains a game of mere luck. Your knowledge of mathematics and probability could increase your winning chances.

Available in both, the land-based and the online casinos with their individual features; this finest game provides fun, excitement and money too. Attractive variants of blackjack games like the Spanish Blackjack etc. make the players feel excited and captivated for long. A table resembling a horseshoe is used for enjoying Blackjack that involves a dealer and one or seven players at the most. They place bets against the dealer or the bank and not fight among themselves. This is where Blackjack stands different from many other games. In fact, it is a game of direct contact between the player and the dealer who processes two cards to be received by each player in the first phase; followed by the players choice for further action, i.e. hit or hold. Ace is considered as an entity or eleven; the royal cards, i.e. King, Queen, Jack and 10 are treated as ten whereas 2 through 9 have their own individual worth.

Betting options like Double, Split, Surrender and Insurance are related with certain purposes. Players original wager gets doubled through Double with hit on a single card that would be broken into two through the Split option. The gambler could part way with fraction or whole of his bet in favor of the dealer through the Surrender option. The option Insurance with the larger chance to own a Blackjack ensures payment to the player @ 2:1 odds. Frequent attractive Blackjack tournaments at the land-based and online casinos too exhibit your inner talents apart from enhanced winning chances. UBT (Ultimate Blackjack Tour) and WSOB (World Series of Blackjack) are the two famous events.

Lot of reading material is available for the gamblers regarding Blackjack games. Many Blackjack experts are there who often invent different versions of the game. The mathematics Professor Edward Thorps famous book, i.e. Beat the Dealer published in 1962 may be gone through to learn the card counting skills for a winning edge over the house. The book had a tremendous impact upon the operators who brought in new rules to discourage the gamblers from adopting the lessons of the Professor for the game strategies. It led to great decline in their revenues and compelled them to revive the earlier rules that favored the gamblers more and not themselves.

Online Blackjack, next to Online Poker has progressed tremendously and reduced the distance between the players and the operators to zero. Just click the mouse from anywhere in the world and have access to your favorite blackjack game. The physical casinos let you interact with your counterparts in person but you are limited just to chat through the live dealers at the online casinos. Cost-free blackjack lessons and free games are facilitated by the internet casinos without any risk to your funds. The stay or the traditional casinos provide face-to-face-meets with dealers & other gamblers, instant check at the cards and the live experience. These land-based casinos can be trusted more as you yourself are there to see everything minutely. However, due to lack of physical presence at the internet casinos, chances of duping increase as even the latest computerized software could be fixed to cheat the players for better odds to the house. Better visit some reputed online casinos that facilitate Blackjack games. Access to online blackjack through the cost-free computerized system facilitates more favorable opportunities.

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