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Baccarat History

...31 October 2012

The word baccarat exists in the Italian as well as the French language too and stands for zero in English. Moreover, tens, jacks, kings or queens do also possess the digit zero. Nothing is certain about the period or the place in respect of this games origin. Its history is quite old and refers to the 1400s when France was ruled by King Charles VIII. This card game came to the state through Italy where the maiden version with a deck of Tarot cards was invented by Felix Falguiere, a croupier. 

A game known as Faro was much liked by the English people and it is also assumed that the existing Baccarat may be improved version of that game itself. Some religious people believe in the ancient Etruscan sacrament theory of the game that delighted the French during the1490 A.D.

Played between two - the player & the banker and with the probable three outcomes - i.e. player, banker & tie; this marvelous game provides full entertainment. The house benefit on the banker being the lowest, it is recommended that bets are placed on it. It is a Single Play game that facilitates only one move per hand. Baccarat is available in major three categories, i.e. punto banco (the North American Baccarat), baccarat banque (or a deux tableaux) and baccarat chemin de fer or European baccarat – almost all of them alike with a slight difference of card dealing process. No particular qualifications or methods are required for punto banco whereas the other two versions do require some sort of skill and expertise. Despite the players’ qualifications, the bank is benefited much with a house edge of almost one percent.

Baccarat chemin de fer was first popular in England and then traveled across South America and the US too. The Las Vegas people also tasted the game in the 1950s. Mini baccarat, almost similar to the American version except with the lower limits & straight methods is also there in the U.S. casinos and much liked by the high rollers with millions of dollars changing hands. All the varieties have their own individual features that suit the different tastes and choices of the gamblers.

Three to eight decks of cards are employed in the game that is played by five to twelve players who enjoy the elevated gain. Actions of the croupier and the dealer are performed by the staff. One hand with two or max three cards goes to the player and the other to the banker through the dealer who maintains the shoe piled up with 6-8 decks. Everybody is at liberty to place bets on three varied probabilities that include the player, the banker or a tie between the two.

The table resembles to that of an oval or it may be a kidney-shaped one. Though zero is a significant figure and baccarat itself also means zero, but possession of just zero means no gain. Holder of cards worth a total of 9 or near 9 is entitled for the winning position in the game.  

Banker, the financier for the player has an important role to play in different types of Baccarat game. It is not necessary that a banker is a player at the same time. The banking actions are performed by the gambler himself while enjoying the Chemin de Fer brand with rotation of the action. Punto Banco utilizes the services of the casino itself to act as a banker whereas the actual banker is just for show. The recommended house gain for the player is 1.24 whereas it is just 1.06 for the banker. It is a simple theory without requirement of any particular system or card counting.

Advancement of internet in the gaming industry has facilitated development of online poker in a big way. Gamblers now prefer to enjoy the game by clicking the mouse from anywhere instead of visiting brick and mortar properties. Mini baccarat tables with the RNG system, appearance of graphics on the screen, Live Dealers and free games are the unique features of online casino that are not available at the physical casinos.

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