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Anti Martingale Betting System

...19 November 2012

Anti Martingale system is not wholly but partly opposite of the martingale system. In this strategy one will increase his bet once he wins the game and will reduce the bet by half the time he loses. The assumption lies to the fact that one can utilize the wining position by doubling the bet in subsequent bets. However one should keep in mind that there is no winning streak in probabilistic games where one deal is independent of the other. Hence one win will not result in another subsequent win as each event occurs independently of the previous ones.

The theory in Gambling

In the game of Roulette both the Martingale and Anti Martingale system is in vogue. The original one is more attractive to the gamblers when they are new because of the fact it’s simple and easy to remember. One thing to keep in mind is that you have to increase the bet when you lose thereby making you more vulnerable.

Less Risky

The gamblers are therefore to reduce the risk developed the opposite of the system which is the Anti - martingale one. With this betting format, players will be doubling the stake once they win and will remain the same if they lose. This anti-martingale system is less risky but at the same point chances of winning back the losses are also less. Also the other drawback is they have to maintain the same amount of wager once they lose.

Another deviation from the martingale system is that the players should be targeting a fixed set of rounds for the game and leave after that. The risk lies to the fact that what happens if the player does not win within the given set of the game itself.

If there are many subsequent losses, the cumulative loss might be many more times than one win. Also as there is a finite set of rounds in the game the player might not win at all and all his money is lost. So actually there is no way he can recover the earlier losses.

It depends on the nature of the player which format of the game he can employ as a strategy. Anti martingale system is a conservative approach reducing the amount of losses in any game. However the martingale system is more for player who can fix a budget and be firm on never to cross it to increase the chance of their losses.


As both the format of the strategies depends on independent chances of the game, winning or losing is not in the hands of any players or the dealers. It’s the game of chance where all bets have equal probability of turning up, Anti martingale strategy is best for the gambling players who gets carried away with the flow of the game and does not execute control on the bets. Even on subsequent losing of bets they keep on playing and losing more. Both the versions have their merits and demerits and depend on the player and his strategy to play it along.

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